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The Sound of Meaning
12/12/2010 @ 1:19pm

So much meaning you
Have compacted
Into your few
Words. Vibrations
Of air molecules
Create frequencies
That slips off your lips,
Falling into my
Simple vibrations
Travel at roughly
1,125 feet per second.
Tickling my Pinna,
Permeating my
Auditory canal,
And invading my
Tympanic membrane.
The air drums on this
Supple lining,
The waves of air
Vacillate from one
Side to the other
While pursuing my
These pulsations of
Molecules hammer
My three, small, ossified
Cartilage tissues,
Liberating them
To new territory
Of my oval
From here this air swirls the
Cochlear fluids,
Tangoing them
Into tremors of
Atmospheric gas
That conquers my Basilar
Membrane, rejecting
Them into my cliques
Of tissues working
Together to make
My Organ of Corti.
Lastly these delicate
Beats play into my
Auditory nerve
Where they enter my
Auditory cortex
In the fissure between
My temporal lobe
And parietal lobe.
As I interpret
Your sound waves that are
Thumping through my ears,
I realized:
I have just attached
My feelings to these
Auditory movements
Of air
These whimsical
Breezes that slip off your
Lips and into my head.
But when do they fall
Into my heart?
Itís strange:
There is such an
Intricate process for
Hearing, yet no scientific
Conclusion as to why the
mush of cells within
My skull can construct
Such a marvelous
Deep with crevices
and interstices
Which somehow determine my
How have your words
Disrupted my
Why have my
Lachrymal ducts excreted
Salt water induced
By happiness?
When did these vibrations
Reach myÖ

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