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The Heartbeat of a Broken One
12/12/2010 @ 1:20pm

The broken mind
Does not think.
Itís hidden in the shadows
Seeping into the cold dark waters.
The heart breaks in the womb
Shattering the future it never knew.
It drowns in the red water.
No sign of life.
No sign of happiness.
The love it never felt
Melts into a pool of darkness.
I wonder whatís next.
A tragedy.
A sharp pain of emptiness.
A hollow nothingness.
She has no heart.
She has no thought.
Who was to blame.
All your hateful words.
All your thoughts of nothingness.
I cried with every word you said.
I bled with every word you did not say.
Oh how much we longed
For you to care.
Not much more of this dying pain.
Please end all of your nothingness.
I can bare no more the sight of you,
Nor the thought of the unborn you.
I can feel no more.
The heartbeat of a broken one.
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