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U.S.A. Today
12/12/2010 @ 1:21pm

Silver and gold is much too strong,
In this new era of cons,
Death has never been so anticipated,
World of pain and exasperation.

We have lost the future we dreamed of,
To the power of the upper ones,
We have critisized the past,
Finished the race in last.

We fight for power,
Fight for wealth,
But where is our love,
Our peace, our health?

We run from the government wolves,
Because we don't know what else to do,
The race isn't over, It's beginning to start,
But they chase us down and rip us apart.

Our blood glistens in the sunlight,
They still think they're right,
The last words you hear us say,
"So this is the U.S.A."
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