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12/12/2010 @ 1:22pm

The time for death
and carnage
is fast approaching
there is no way to escape
the darkness
engulfing everyone
and everything in its domain
sheer terror and bewilderment
as your soul
is consumed by the evil
unleashed on mankind
close your eyes
and forfeit yourself to...Me!!
for i am the venomous taste
on your blackened lips
as you draw your last breath
reminding you that
life might of sucked
but death is fucked
for an enternity
so scream
yell out in disbelief
pray and hope your destiny
is not this
that your fate is not
down this path..
but you will soon realize
your doomed
with no salvation at hand
your mind conjures up
happy visions of bright white lights
and familiar people
from your past
but as you grasp
for their warmth
you clutch only loneliness
and the cold and vile touch
of your own deathly corpse
soon you will see it is futile
and you will bestow your
worthless pitiful soul to me
in my cold darkness
you will exsist tormented
by your earthly pain
multiplied over and over
by your own self-pitty
and the belief that
you were judged wrong
and unjustly sentenced
to suffer this horrendous fate
you were not sentenced
no...for this is the ending
you have built for yourself
through your selfish
and uncaring self indulging acts
creating your own personal hell
and evolving into your
true dark nature
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