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I Nearly Let You Kill Me
08/12/2012 @ 12:07am

I feel stupid, I thought I had it all
You took it away and caused me to fall
You took the life right out of me and kept me exhausted
You caused me to lose my mind, I fucking lost it
My love for you kept me so strong
But you never told me what I did wrong
I remember you holding me down, I thought you would kill me
That crazy look in your eyes was all I could see
The bruises all over me, when asked, I lied
You wanted me to forget, and I tried
I thought I would be dead before I could get away
I fucking loved you, that is why I would stay
You kept me so fucked up, I became so blind
Still, through everything, I didn`t want to leave you behind
I thought it was funny, you called yourself a Christian
All you did was destroy me, again and again
I will always remember the mental, physical, and emotional pain
How did I do it and not go fucking insane
Everything in my life, it felt like I lost
I was willing to stay no matter what the cost
You became the reason for all of my fears
I lived with that fear for two and a half years
I knew in order to live, I had to run
Leaving you was the smartest thing I have ever done
I nearly gave up my life to have one thing to hold on to
I nearly gave it all up just to have a fucked up life with you
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