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03/18/2010 @ 11:35am

Twitter this and Twitter that,
my hair is wet, I lost my cat.
I took a picture of a tree.
I can twitter, look at me!

Twitter has not profited a dime,
as investors blindly form a line,
to twitter that they own a share,
of something thatís not really there.

This twittered game of mirrorís and smoke,
will prove itself an impractical joke,
with wasted time on useless prattles,
of twitterís ads and brainless addles.

As those who parlay self promotion,
feed the publicís frenzied notion,
that tweets are read by those who twitter,
internet landfills heap tweets of litter.

A passing thought to reconsider,
thereís more to life than witless twitter,
as all the hype begins to show,
the more you tweet, the less you know.

© 2010

Copyright © janevandoe, All Rights Reserved

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