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Constricted Pose
03/27/2010 @ 12:45am

Trying to find light in the darkest of places,
Heart in her hand, empty faces,
Desire so strong but intentionally mild,
Rising from the passion and pain of a child.

Innocence written in logic and lines,
Emotion etched and actions defined,
Trying to break out of a dominant mold,
Her lips are promised to what she is told.

Hollow eyes prove falsified depth,
While the wildest flower wilts with regret,
Vulnerable minds hidden by dominant lies,
Autocratically challenged, originality dies.

Withering around in a constricted pose,
Creative nature is one of their foes,
Trying to rid herself of their proclamation,
Destruction on earth is their detonation.

Watering eyes, a free flowing sea,
The garden of a child grows beautifully,
Liberated conscience, individualism shown,
A dominant person, one of her own.
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