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I Remember
04/12/2010 @ 8:51pm

These bright lights are burning into my eyes
They blind my sight, and you're so dim in the background
Different colors flashing on my face
A face covered in whites and colors that sparkle
My hand waves in motions that seem outrageous
My voice sounds superficial and loud
My emotions only seep out to give the listener influence
But they still listen and watch

They laugh at our jokes
Crack up over mistakes
The crowd will grow larger
More eyes on us
As we play our parts

What i would give
To bury my feet in the sand when the surface is too hot
To feel my face warm in the sunlight without masks of white and powder
I remember my wreck of hair in the salty breeze
Always afraid to get into the water at first because of the shock of
coldness that always occurs
No bright artificial lights,
Nor costumes that suffocate your person
I remember the sounds of pure calmness
The whoosh of tides and the squalls of seagulls,
No dull bluntness there
Always a different tune
To watch sunsets or catch sand crabs
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