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A New Face
04/15/2010 @ 12:07am

I am going to build fake memories
Plastic shards of love and grace
I will become someone else for a moment
Put on a more masculine, a more sentimental face
Iím screaming to just feel alive in this moment
Iím searching every avenue for a single answer.
I am simply striving for a shred of atonement.
I am Narcissus; he who cannot look away from the travesty of self
I am Icarus, a moth brought to the flame in all the worse ways.
I will paint a painting, a new way to see who I wish I was.
I will lay here as if a stone through the passing of days.
I am going to build fake memories
Something to remember when I cannot face
Who I am, who I was, who I will always be
So please, tell me, is this commonplace?

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