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Until you've lost someone...
05/15/2010 @ 6:03am

I've never spoke about it...because it brings back the pain
I try not to think about it...but it's like saying your dry in pouring
It's obvious
what happened to that Nae they use to see?
what happened to that girl who loved, faithfully?
she's gone
he took a piece of me when he took away his life
he stole that bit of sanity when he shot himself that night
I died, too
have you ever felt something wrong that was beyond your control,
that the other person tried to hide, but you knew they weren't whole?
he was broken
I didn't see it but i heard that shit
all he kept telling me is "I can't do this"
he did
I always thought about us going to our grave
but I never thought it'd turn out this way
he left me
you may think I'm selfish but you just don't understand
how it feels to lose somebody when you made future plans
I'm lost!
why did he take his own life? why?
why do I still cry at night? why?
I know how others feel...but I don't understand their strength
I don't see how they can "love" again and stand it
I don't
in one blink, I lost my love, man and best friend
and I can't even think of loving someone else again
and I won't...
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