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Stealth Tweeker Mouse
05/24/2010 @ 4:00pm

Sneaking around in the backyard, in the darkness that surrounds my house
Lurks someone we all donít care to know - Known as a stealth tweeker mouse.
Oooo look at what he has just found itís shiny like silver or brass or
As he stashes it in the bushes out front itís another thing that can be
Acting like he wants to help you , he now takes out all of your trash
What you donít seem to realize itís another place for his stealth tweeker
Hey there tweeker mouse please put your limp noodle away!
It does not turn me on at all, its useless and I donít want to play.
You decide you need go to the store but when you pull out all of your money
You find what you had is now half gone and you find this is no longer
You now remember you left him alone when you went down to the store
He is free to go through everything, as he finds more, more and more.
The stealth tweeker mouse is having his fun while the cat is away
You canít seem to drive fast enough - "hey get out of my fucking way"!
You just washed your bra and panties now where did they go?
You find heís now wearing them OMG! OH NO!
Wearing a dress and high heels he looks for the money you canít find.
You stare at his hair smashed under your hose Ė oh how you wish you were
The new bottle of Vicodin you need them, theyíre for your bad back
Half of them are already gone you know youíre under attack.
A stealth pile of tools over here and a stealth pile of jewelry over
Heíll pick up his stealth piles later, and he will be wearing your
Poor little stealth tweeker mouse you I will never understand.
Having a dick between your legs is the only reason you can be called a man!

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