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Oil leak
05/24/2010 @ 6:26pm

OH no way. The sad news of Today.
Major Oil Leak. Unfortunately, all day.
Spilling all over, like drink on tray.
Oil On its way, destroys the bay.
May even sway south near Florida Kay.
The fish , the birds, die they may.
Only the Lucky to find them selves a stray.
Some, just cant stay.
Helps global warming and causes worse
sun ray.
B.P. must pay. NO ! , they say .
I say , we say, no way.
B.P. ,They, friend of greedy , dirty Republican way .
Only to they, is money all day .
B.P, they bray , just big money is the way .
Cop-orate crooked they sway.
Only Evil they play.
Must put stop to they fray.
We all must say NAY ! NO WAY JOSE. (
Hosay ) .
The bay must have Gods way.
And for it we shall Pray .
A good place where the spirit of God may lay,
full of his nature and tranquility from day to day.

Kenneth Moorhouse
Copyright © kenfrenz, All Rights Reserved

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