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Oil Leak
05/25/2010 @ 1:15am

OH no way. The sad news of Today.
Major Oil Leak. Unfortunately, all day,
Oozing from the sea bed clay .
NO time for hooray .
Spilling all over, like fallen drink on tray,
but more nasty, thick brown , redish - gray .
Oil On its way, destroys the bay.
May even sway south near Florida Kay.
The fish , the birds, die they may.
Only the Lucky to find them selves a stray.
Some, just cant stay.
Helps global warming and causes worse SUN RAY.
B.P. must pay. NO ! , they say .
I say , we say, NO WAY.
B.P. ,They, friend of greedy , dirty Republican way .
Only to they, is money all day .
B.P, they bray , just big money is the way .
Cop-orate crooked they sway.
Only Evil they play,
and poor environment to betray.
Bringing more disaster to lay.
Nothing new. They don't care anyway.
Foul up ? Screw up ? OH NO . NOT OK .
Must put stop to they fray
We all must say NAY ! NO WAY JOSE. ( Hosay ) .
The bay must have Gods way.
And for it we shall Pray .
A good place where the spirit of God may lay,
full of his nature and tranquility from day to day.

Kenneth Moorhouse
Copyright © kenfrenz, All Rights Reserved

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