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A too late repent
06/11/2010 @ 8:33am

my god why have you forsaken me
I think I know cause I have abandon thee
deep in the bottom of my black sins sea
with all this darkness I am blind I can not see
under the storming waves I want to loudly cry
but my voice has been muted and tears have left my eye
speak no more I can only sigh
my tongue is so heavy and my throught is so dry
my soul is leaving my body and starting to fly
fly high far away in the sky
please save me god forgive and purify
I am dying and there is no doubt about that
then I started to remember the time that I had
with this company which I thought it was naughty and cool
stupid was I naive and fool
with this company I have lost my faith
I have lost my strength I have lost my health
night after night and day after day
step by step they took me away
until I forgot about the judgment day
until I forgot even how to pray
full of disgrace full of shame
I find no one except my self to blame

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