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Because of You
06/12/2010 @ 3:14pm

I hope he knows how much I hurt everyday
That he's the one who put me through all this pain
He was the only guy I thought I would ever trust
But he's given up on us
He really didn't have a reason or an excuse why
But seeing him with her has showed me that he lied
I don't even know if you saw me
You could only look at her like you use to look at me
She is beautiful but how could you do this to us
I loved you so much
I would have given my life for you
I gave you my heart with the lock and key
But you threw it all away
Just like you threw away me
I heard your always together happy as can be
Please tell me the world is lieing
Tell me you didn't know why you would leave
Tell me you want what we once had
Tell me you love only me
I'm waiting for your call
But the phone never rings
I know you'll come back
You have to
How can you forget me
Our love is the only thing I know
In your arms is the only place I want to be
Why can't you understand
How can I make you see
I miss the way it all use to be
My head on your chest, lips locked, hands intertwined
Do you even remember me
My tears have run dry
I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest
I will never again be whole
Since the day that you left
I have paid the toll
I need you more than I've ever needed anything
You're like a drug I'm craving
I'm already addicted
It's been months and months
Where can you be
I'm just sitting here waiting for you to come find me
She's pregnant
You're getting married in the fall
I feel like I've lost it all
Maybe it's not the right thing to do
The right thing for you is me
I have feelings too
I need you just to breath
I call you up just to hear you say you've made one huge mistake
But when you said you loved her that your sorry it's more than I can take
I go up to my room to think about my life
I've given up on hope
I feel like I could die
It takes years and years for me to finally heal
But I realized now it was for the best
I wound up with the better deal
Two years after our breakup I meant the guy of my dreams
He's my world
Everything I'll ever need
We talked about you before and he has shared stories of his past
Looking back upon those days I now can finally laugh
You might have took pieces of me but I got them back
It felt like forever but I'm on the right track
I saw you today in the store another baby on the way
We smiled at each other from across the room and gave a little wave
I never thought I would have that smile or that final moment of peace
Knowing that everything is right in the world without there being a you and
Maybe one day our kids will be friends and we can tell them that we were
once too
I'm long over the days of hating you
Hating never got me anywhere only pain
But I still wonder if back then I was temporarily insane
I acted like a stalker or beyond a jealous ex
But you just were never someone I could forget
Now I know that what we had was good while it lasted
We weren't the forever type
Just two teenagers with hormones and too young to know the true meaning of
But you gave me that when I found the one
He's the one I breathe in now and the only one for me
Now I understand why you had to leave
And that my heart stayed here where it was meant to be
Life is perfect

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