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Never Again Be Me
06/12/2010 @ 3:15pm

Into the darkness she crawls into the deep
Never wanting to be found out her biggest secret she keeps
She feels like her time in this world is coming to an end
She can't live her life as a lie she can't go on and pretend
She isn't a saint but far from a sinner
Barely speaks to others or eats at dinner
She's withdrawn from the happy person she use to be
She hopes someone notices but can't find a way to make people see
What he did to her
The damage is no longer on the surface it remains underneath
She doesn't have the courage to stick up for herself
She doesn't have hope to rely on someone else
She goes through the days as an empty shell
Outside she might seem normal but on the inside all she can do is yell
She's silently screaming for help
Can anybody hear me she wonders
How do they not see him as a monster
He took away my innocence
He took away my life
He took away my last days of acting as a child
The only thing he has left me with is the choice for me to survive
I want the pain gone
I want reality to fade away
I want him to take it all back
I want to take back that day
I want my old life back where I had friends and family that I loved
I want the days back where I still believed in love
He took everything from me
He stole my now shattered soul
He took everything that made me whole
People have started to forget about the person I use to be
Now a loner is all that they see
Corrupted and never again pure
They see it as my fault that I was the one who was lured
Everyone has choices they say
Maybe I got what I deserved
They believe in him
No longer take me at my word
What hope can one still have when the world steals it all away
I'm giving up I announce it on this day
I want the world to see
I will never again be me
My life was taken away long before I ran
It always reverts back to this one man
He took it all away he holds all of the control
My body paid the toll
Forever I am branded by his scent and his flesh
A man that they will never catch
A man I thought once I could have loved
Who turned out to be the death of me and the world as I know it
The man who is the only thing I know
The man I once thought of as home
He broke that house and he broke me
I will never be fixed
I will never see again the world the same as I use to see
I will never again be me
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