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I'm So Sorry
06/14/2010 @ 6:46pm

Here I lie
With my soul filled with regret
My heart filled with anguish
And my hands that lay intertwined on my chest
Covered in invisible permanent blood stains
I hold my hands above me in the darkness
I can see the imaginary red standing out
It's as vivid as the moment of your last breath
I can feel your presence again as the cold dominates the air around me
I reach out for your essence
And you embrace my body, haunting my dreams again
The chill you bring caresses my body
And carries your whispers into my soul
Your faint heartbeat throbs against mine
And your ghostly fingers kiss my lips
Do you still love me after what I've done?
Your presence dissipates
And I am left to rehearse the useless apologies
As your image continues to dance in my mind
I am sorry
For what I've done
I am sorry
For what I let them do to you
I am terribly sorry
I'm sorry
I'm so sorry
Alyssa Criss
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