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Reset Me
06/16/2010 @ 11:30pm

My mind racing, my heart pounding
my soul longing, it has no end.
games are being played within
they go on, but I'm left behind.
I'm still searching for a reason to breathe,
my own being forsaking me.

sleep won't come to me
haunted by what I can't have
demolished by what I can't feel

I'm constantly chasing nothing
something that doesn't exist
but still I cling to it like it hasn't ever left
I hold tight enough to strangle it
maybe if I could just let it go
I could enter that void, and never be known...

Can't I just go to that place where nothing moves?
my mind is already there,
but my heart lags behind,
struggling in this battle...

Sleep won't come to me,
I'm haunted by these memories
how can I breathe when there's nothing left?

I'm wandering in circles and no one is here to stop me.
no one cares to.
A glimmer of hope turned into a ruined dream.

Where is the reset button?
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