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Heart and Mind
06/18/2010 @ 7:28pm

Heart and Mind

Forever conflicting.
False perceptions of the mind,
waging war with the desires of the heart.
Never ending.
Lead astray by submitting to the feelings,
heart pounding, head swimming.
Always screaming for relief.
Mind trying to disprove the rudimentary facts,
while the heart longs to convince the elementary concepts.
Constantly pounding.
Battling the ocean of thoughts,
the heart pounds through the waves,
as the mind attempts to tread this vast unknown.
A new concept,
a new feeling,
synchronization of the senses.
War giving way to peace.
The heart understanding a concept the mind cannot grasp.
Eyes shut, to black out the erroneous disbelief of what cannot be defined.
The mind releasing the terror of the unknown

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