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You Jackass
06/28/2010 @ 8:06pm

I really want her fast but I'm a jackass
Now everyone is calling me a dumb ass
SometI'mes i got to stop and think I'm i dense
No I just had a slight lack of common sense

I was shocked and disappointed she was upset and angry
I'm thinking baby she thinking Dre you fucked up really
Yep now she's crying
She was so tired and I was just bugging

I really love her but i gotta really change
I gotta do things differently as I become of age
Sarcasm got the best of me I gotta turn into a different page

I admit my mind was gone
but see im strong
It wont take long for me to say I was wrong

Baby I'm really sorry about that
I feel like i been hit by a bat
The voices in my head are saying why u do that
I can be a real jackass admitting that

No one is perfect but I'm willing yo say to myself
You jackass.... You jackass.... You jackass
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