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Dark Solitude
06/29/2010 @ 2:34pm

I'm in the darkness of solitude walking around wondering am I in the
right position
I'm so quiet you would think I've gone missing

Walk around in silence
Read my poems in silence
In this world you gotta remember the word is silence

I stand alone in my mind
If you sneak into my world all you will find is hate moments across my mind

I been back stabbed so many times
Sometimes i feel like a mime
Trapped inside a box
Most of the time I think people are a big waste of time

My heart beats slow
Me and trust stand toe to toe
I got my own flow
Go get your own flow

I walk around the world no one in sight
Will i get a little sad? I might
But it's my choice my life
So i wont put up with no ones bullshit right

I used to thrive on human company
Nowadays I strive on making it on my own without the agony
I wonder if anyone will talk to me
But i just wish not to be bugged with any ones misery
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