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Duke Rambo Dedrick
07/07/2010 @ 1:02am

A graduation dinner ends
The event soon begins
The painful evening that took hold
Of someone so innocent, and old

We searched for hours
In the black arid sky
Shouting for answers
As tears roll down our eyes

We never gave up
Our hearts were attached to his
Like petals are to a rose
Hours past, yet nothing arose

Morning sunrise came
My mom and I drove around
Looking left, right, and down
Walked our separate ways
On the phone, my mom had to say
I found him, I found him
Lying all alone,silent as the night
Helpless, and no sound of life

I drove to where she was
My eyes spilled with tears
The dog I loved is gone forever,
Eleven life-changing years

Three words that mean so much
Duke, my baby, I know your here
Deep in my heart, that brings me cheer
To where you are,
peaceful up above
Our thoughts are with you,
Our joy and love

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