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Just to Remember
08/02/2010 @ 8:31pm

Is It ....?
is it the way u're mentionin'it ?
or just da way it tastes ?
is it the thirsty soul
for the merits it really wastes?
the moments that we pass , looking for sth true
away from the path , and from happiness too..
searching what we lost 'n'wat's gone in vain
neglecting what we have 'n we could really gain ..
it's once again u're here , takin'my hand to the way ..
the same awesome world , where I 'd die to stay ..
the mounts along the road ,and the birds r standin'still
sharin' me the words ,and the voids u can fill
the brightness in your eyes tellin' me da story..
the beauty of perfection , the glowing fast glory ..
the core of a life , where we're acting to be stiff
and in an eye blink , we're tripped over the cliff
so what have we really done and what shall be remaining
the sins we're doing ?..or the hands we're staining
O God for it's a time when I 've last made it ...
to live the real happiness , the life U've stated
I beg thee the Almighty to make me tasted once more..
U only know how painful , my life is gettin' sore..
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