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Your Little Lie
08/11/2010 @ 3:45pm

He looks me in my eyes
And whispers the biggest lie
That he ever told me
Then he picks me up
And holds me
He asks me if I'm sure
I reply with a kiss
As our clothes come undone
You on top
Me on bottom
Make sure you got the condom
I start to scream
Thinking this could be only a dream
But it's not
You keep going
Until you hit the spot
2 hours go by
We are finally stop
You whisper "I love you Hun."
3 monthes go by
I'm with your child
You lie
And simply reply
"It's not my child!"
That's not true
I remember when I was with you
Now I'm stuck here with your little lie
That you always told me
"I love you Hun."
The deed was done
When the condom broke

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