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break me again
08/19/2010 @ 6:08am


this cage i've built
is not made of air
nor of bars of steel
to leave, i would not dare

its not a ball and chain
if you decide to get locked
throw away my own freedom
even my family were shocked

so many things
that i will sacrifice
its only you i know of
who has those laughing eyes

i can see you find
all of this amusing
but you'll never find
me thinking of refusing

i've made my promise
and a promise not to break it
since its made to be broken
then i promise i will fake it

a ring that will tie
the both of us together
a fling that will try
and seperate us forever

"break me again"
i say this to you
my best friend
promise me you'll be true

i can't stand the pain and agony i felt for you
i understand though, that i fell for you.
and only you.... so please.. stay true
mi amor
a letter to my fiance.
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