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How Would You Feel if You Were God
10/05/2010 @ 9:04am

I can't imagine how sad God must feel
as He watches His children from above.
He made all of us with total love in His heart
to save us He gave up His only son with love.
So here's a little exercise anyone can do -
put your feet in your God's shoes.
Now look down from a bird's eye view
tell me you'd be happy with what we all do!
It would go something like this:
14 yr. old Sally is now pregnant-had unprotected sex
Joe is now smashed drunk and beating up his 4th ex.
Billy is angry and is now brutally hitting his mother
Sam is being real stupid - ripping off his only brother.
Mary is lying - saying she is in love with a real old man
Beth is charging for sex - this you just don't understand.
Jose wants to be a gang member, to belong he has to kill someone
Ann is getting gang rapped, wait the fun has only just begun!
Doug's making movies of 2 people who think they are alone
Chris is jealous of her friend - took her kid and now her home.
Brad moves away, says nothing and breaks his best friends heart
Dave has to bury someone he killed, doesn't know where he's going to start.
Vincent believes the lies told to him - his mother he now hates
Eric is holding a friend crying - it was suicide he was too late.
Roy tells a person he cares but it's only for another buck
Bob is looking for a hooker - someone he can pay to fuck.
Cindy the dealer is on the corner selling an addict more bags of smack
Old lady Lucy is walked into a robbery, now dead with a knife in her back.
Wendy cannot stand the baby crying, suffocating it, it's almost dead
Kim is fighting with her sister, beating the ground with her bloody head.
If I were God I would be crying - feeling like my heart was going to break
"If giving up My only son wasn't enough, then what was it going to take?!"
Since God is in every one of us, be careful what you say and do,
Because anything you do to someone else, you are doing it to your God too!

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