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The Way
10/12/2010 @ 10:13pm

The way that made me,makes me away.
I see a hand coming with no invitation,
its coming for me and I want to stay.
Through no fault of my own I'm sure to be dragged out and away,
To another world they tell me is my new home.
I was fine where I was,how was I to know,
That in mere moments I would be brought into their surreal movie their
otherworldly show.
So then the hand coming for me now it beckons,
I try to hold on for dear life forever,yet its really only for a second.
I pull and tug,I give the hand a shrug and think myself free.
Maybe this will pass,yet why is it coming for me?
The struggle seems over as I sigh a relief from my cord,
When in from above I'm ambushed with my home I love,distraught with defeat
on this day.
What made me makes me away.
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