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10/16/2010 @ 2:02pm

If I told you that my name is Arce would you believe me?
Suppose you really know who I am, would you be scared?
Lets just say I'm the devil incarnate, would you think I'm crazy?
Perhaps you think I'm mentally ill?
It is likely for me not to care about what you see me as, so why bother
invoke your opinion on me?
If and when we share a room, would you glance over and see me?
Or would you look upon the shell of one, and see the splitting image of
To think that in some way or another, we are all the same person, scary
isn't it?
Deep down inside, aren't we all the child who wanted one thing more then
ever on the holidays, yet did not get it?
Could it be the child who slept no longer then an episode of a Saturday
morning cartoon?
Can one person dream a dream not like MLK but like the one we all share?
Don't we all dream of a happy life in some way shape or form?
So if we dream that same dream, then why is it that we strive on crushing
the dreams of others?
Are we just crushing our own dreams in the process?
For crushing his dream or her dream would result in tainting our dream
wouldn't it?
Because the dream we crush will only reflect upon our dreams dreamt by the
dreamers losing sleep because they are lost in their own day dream right?
The day we dream a dream that leads to the dreamer awaking from a horrible
dream of death, hate and corruption would be horrible wouldn't it?
Then the children who dreamt that dream must awaken to the colorless world
and be afraid of it correct?
What if that world was in-fact the world we wake up to each day?
And that world does not care who you are, no mater who you may be, you will
still be hated and criticised wont you?
So if we dreamt the world into hate and angst that sees us all as one force
responsible, may I ask you to look upon me?
Go ahead and force that opinion, you will only be making it about yourself

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