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10/17/2010 @ 12:21am

How do you tell some one how you feel?
If the feeling is indeed mutual shouldn’t it be shared?
Then why hide behind the fog of grey that blocks the truth?
Why ask for truth, yet hide what’s true?
Why have ears if you don’t listen?
Why have eyes if you wish not to see?
Why ignore the feelings you both feel that are obviously real?
How much more real does a feeling need to be?
It can wake you up, and keep you there for hours but of course, It will just
be shrugged off wont it?
A feeling like this shouldn’t be shunned but embraced right?
A feeling that many people can only wish to have obtained just once in their
lifetime must be special correct?
Then why have we been granted this gift of emotion if we are just going to
ignore it?
Perhaps we are too young?
Is it a sin to feel a feeling so real at a young age?
Are we indeed even that young?
Then maybe it is fear?
Is fear the reason we hide what’s true?
Fear of things happening too soon?
Well you know how I feel?

I feel as if this feeling felt by mutual feelers could be even more
fantastic if for example, it could be freed from feverish hearts.
Released from its prison in-cased in blood, bone, and flesh.
Granted the opportunity to breathe, and flourish, bloom even, into that last
pill to "up there" it has the potential to become.
Let it catch the rays of an eternal sunshine that sways the mind deeper and
closer to a rainbow in the dark.
Give it the chance to enrapture us, entangle us, enthrall, and enhance us.
Move us like waves in the ocean.
Why cant we just get lost in our emotions?
Because I’m tired of hiding.
I feel as if we’ve been hiding this for so long, that even Osama Bin laden
will jump out and say “hey guys, just give it a rest already.”
I don’t know how long I can go without expressing this beast within myself.
I can only hope that you really do feel the same way, and aren’t hiding
behind your fears.
When we do set our emotions free it will be magic.
We will create electric dynamite capable of leveling the pearly white gates
of heaven itself.
Our emotions will burn hotter and wilder then the flames of hell, and put
Lucifer to shame.
I cannot wait for that day.
The day where I can hold you tight in my arms, trap my eyes upon yours, and
kiss you as if the world were about to end.
To catch your sweet smile and glisten in your eyes as you predict what’s
next to come.
To feel your heart beat at one million RPM.
I wish to have a camera on our bodies, recording every second of this
momentous occasion.
Of the day I get to say “Kimberly, .................?”

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