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11/07/2010 @ 12:19am

Come over here and sit with me,
No silly,not there over here.Ive been to a lot of different places Id like
to tell you about,
but I don't think you can hear me.
Maybe if I speak a little louder you will hear.
Ive been up,down,in between and all around.
I have been free.

I want to show you the things I came across that I think you would like,I
hope you agree.
A knitted stuffed animal with silver button eyes,
Pictures of the highest peaks in the world,
To yes the deepest parts of the ocean,
If I move closer maybe then you will be able to see.

I went to the place famous for chocolate,
With almonds encased.
I had too many,and got sick.
Please have one,
Oh.You wont be able to taste.

I did bring some flowers from a world famous garden of a southern belle;put
some in my hair cant you tell?
Wait.Neither can you smell.

Well I need to be going,my new Friends are waiting,
Here give me a hug;Ive missed you so please be my crutch.
Oh no!You cant even touch.

I suppose if I want you to know that Im here,I should play with the lights
I just keep forgetting that I'm dead.
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