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Snow Angel
11/22/2010 @ 7:41pm

My emotions turned to white mist,
Tiny white nimbus clouds, which vanished into the thin, chilling air, one
after the other,
Drifting off of my chapped lips,
Which were incapable of anything else,
Incapable of expressing this beauty, this wonder,
That you have decided to shower upon me.

...Drifting, dancing, slowly,
Only on the rarest and coldest days,
Falling from an unknown universe,
These tiny stars shaken loose by your illuminating wings,
Leaving me profoundly perplexed with all meaning,
...enough meaning to make my core quiver
and my soul sooth...

And you,
Just as all angel do,
Barely spoke.
Your presence, your gaze,
Leaving me uneasy with how much you intended to simply give me,
Somehow, you did not expect anything in return...
And for that, I gave you it all.

How easy it is to fall into an angelís arms,
In cased by your downy white,
Enveloped in your moon shaped orbs,
Flouting forever through a sea of glittering stars.
And how easy it was for me to be overwhelmed by it all
For not all tears are tears of pain,
And not all bodily tremors are tremors of fear,
...as you had taught me.
So lost in bliss,
Formed and found by my guardian...

How angels come in the form of humans,
At the times when you think all is lost...
But never before did I think,
My angel would also bring the snow.
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