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A Man Desires Me / Un Hombre me Desea
12/29/2010 @ 2:21pm

A man desires me.
I don't like him.
He offers me sex.
I reject him openly.
The man is sad.
I ask him for food
and he looks at me.
He asks me for sex
I push him.
I stand up.
He follows me
and offers me sex
in exchange for food
I look at him.
The Sun goes down
and so do I.

Un hombre me desea.
Yo a el no.
Me ofrece sexo.
Lo rechazo.
Se entristece.
Le pido comida
y me observa.
Me pide sexo.
Lo empujo.
Me pongo de pie.
Me sigue
y me ofrece sexo
por comida.
Lo miro.
El sol se pone
y yo también.

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