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01/08/2011 @ 1:59pm

The taste of the air
dry on my tongue
The sounds of nothing
of songs unsung
the feeling of ghost bumps
prickling your neck
the smell of blood
bodies are wrecked
the veir of darkness
the sky and the stars
These are what my nightmares are

The smile of a friend
as they realise their fate
the tears on your cheeks
cause you know its to late
the laugh of a murder
wielding his gun
the scream of a child
as he has his fun
silent streets abandoned cars
these are what my nightmares are

The chase of the sides
the good and the evil
the doubt in your mind
could this be real
the adrenaline in you blood
as you hide under a bed
no time to consider
if this is all in you head
you may think im going to far
but these are what my night mares are

Seeing a friend
turn and walk away
your to far shocked
to beg them to stay
your left alone
in a cold and dark room
you hear noises
up where they loom
you know who they are
but what can you do
you cant control it
at least thats you view
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