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01/16/2011 @ 9:33am

Donít let anyone repeat your words
Puppet your psalms and steal your soul
Theyíre working at it a bit too hard
Changing little things that create plot holes
They create desolation and call it peace
Ripping away your prayers and shouting them
To panicked crowds to insight riots
Would it of been better had they said please?

Please let me de sanctify your holy wars
Corrupt your hard work and tarnish your name
Then we will play a sordid game even your victims will enjoy
Where we throw around the issue to see whom we land the blame
Donít worry, donít care, donít consent, weíll use your image
Scissors cut through your faÁade to create a new idol
A chimera created from stereotypes and our fallen Herculean centerpieces
It only took a bit of work to pillage these shards

Donít let them turn you into a shell
Youíre already beyond their comprehension
So far ahead, you broke the curve so long ago
You left them so stunned they couldnít enter your dimension
They are trapped within their safety net, digging the velvety texture

And so your neck is laid on the guillotine
The glint of the blade so fierce it slices though our brains
Separating the ego and the id better then Freud could dream
Your captures obsess that our awed eyes are over their own superficial

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