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02/11/2011 @ 12:03am

There is a shout in the dark
A cry for peace
A cry for help
A cry for salvation
Footsteps run towards the noise
A child is huddled
In the corner of a round room with no doors
Her eyes are wide
And full of the knowledge of death
Her clothes are tattered and torn
Her feet are bare, grimy and cold
Help me, she whispers
In a voice like the wind
Make it leave my head
Make it leave my heart
A figure appears in a long white robe
And kneels by the girl
He touches her head
The girl begins to recoil but realizes the truth
The truth of this being
She begins to weep instead
Tiny pearl tears glisten on her cheeks
The figure takes the girl in his arms
And leaves the round room with no doors

There is a shout in the light
A cry of laughter
Of love
Of peace
A child runs in a field of flowers
Her dress is bright and clean
Her bare feet are warm
She spins in a circle
In her world with no walls
Her eyes are bright
Her mind emptied of all pain
Of all hurtful knowledge
Of all, except for Love

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