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Random Advice Part I
02/22/2011 @ 4:13am

Not really a poem, but anyway...

Donít be afraid of getting hurt.
Sing with the radio-loudly.
Laugh at your own mistakes.
Have faith-in something.
Pray-to anyone.
Love with all of your being.
Take road trips.
Forgive and forget.
Let yourself cry.
Eat chocolate.
Lay on top of a car.
Donít smoke.
Dance in the rain.
Burst into song.
Learn another language.
Never make a promise unless youíre sure you can keep it.
Eat whatever you want-you can always diet later.
Live like itís your last day alive.
Use protection.
Wave at kids and old people.
Open doors for strangers.
Tell your friends that you love them.
But most importantlyÖ

Live, Love and Prosper.

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