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03/02/2011 @ 5:58am


Thoughts of death
Now running fast in my mind
How could I be so blind
My eyes were closed
To the reality
To the truth of it all
I'm not wanted
In this or any time
To pass away
Would be utter bliss
I know I wouldn't be
Remembered or missed
My memory would fade
Life would just go on
Without any thought
To the fact I would be gone
Some would cry
Others wouldn't care
I believe the coldness
I would feel
Is the only feeling
That is real
More real than the
Feelings I got from life
Falsities whispered
in my ears
By people who said they cared
But when confronted with Love
They ran scared
I make my cry
Fuck this life
Thoughts of children
And a bitchy wife
Let me close my eyes
And leave this life
To enter the Darkness
Is my only true light
I want to take my life
No pain
As it enters my veins
It's now swirling in my brain
No feeling
No sight
For I am going away
This Night...
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