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03/05/2011 @ 4:24am


Lonely without you here
Not kissing on my ears
Not being able
To hold you all night long
The feeling of security
All but gone
The thoughts of you
Bouncing around in my head
The fantasies of the night
All but dead
Wishing you were here
Laying by my side
So the feeling of lust
We would not have to hide
Yes this poem is for you
Saying in a way
That my love is true
Its been so long
Since we've been alone
I just wish we could
Share a single home
Time to ourselves
And the dreams we feel
Time to make fantasies
And hopes turn real
Your body is still soft
Like the very first day
Mine wanting to love you
In very special ways
I have to say this
I cannot live
Without Your kiss
Or warming touch
So here is my loving cry
Without you in my life
My emotions
My body
My heart would want to die...

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