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Closing the Chapter of Confusion
03/21/2011 @ 3:42am

I really don't know what to do
torn in two
right or left
red or blue
these are the questions I wish I knew the answers to..
stay or leave
let go, or attempt to achieve
things to which I can't believe

yes or no
fast or slow
time to sit still or time to go
trying to reach the falling stars
yet questioning is it just to far?

needing to bleed
yet no one can see
all of these things hidden deep within me
all the deceptions, all the lies
so many nights of unheard cries
oh how I wish the night would die

lost, tortured, and abused
after so many years of being used
I dare to ask but refuse to accuse
my broken heart now battered and bruised

now stop rewind
release your mind
and fade back with me to a foreign place and time

the sound of nails scratching down your back
reminds me of all the things you swear i lack
my heart now broken turning black
each word in my rhyme i can't retract...

my souls a torrid mess but this is what i will confess
I gave my best, you gave me less

and now im standing on the brink of tomorrow and the past wondering which of
them will last..

so much, so much oh so much has changed
all these things I wish my heart could rearrange
trapping my mind within its rusted cage
with mounting feelings of confusion and rage
but now it's time I finally turn the page

sitting here I close my eyes
and watch the time pass slowly by
as my face grows old
now this chapter is finally closed
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