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03/21/2011 @ 4:37am

I can see that you are not in a good mood

judging off of your facial expression,

reading your body language so clearly,

you are in need of some sexual affection.

Please take your heels off and have a seat,

while I offer you a glass of white or red wine,

this will help relax your mind

by helping your emotions and hard day not to intertwine.

I can tell by the look in your eyes that you had a very long day,

let me help you take the edge off

with the game we are about to play.

Can you lick your tasteful lips,

while telling me something sexual and sassy?

As I stare deep in your eyes replying back

with something sexual and nasty.

There you go beautiful

take the time to breathe and laugh,

While I tell you the rules of the game,

as I softly caress your ass.

Let's put our native language aside

and form our own sexual communication,

while we let our passion give off signals

as our desires give us information.

Can I gently but passionately kiss around your neck?

slowly playing with your desires and emotions causing them to wreck!

Slowly take off your clothes,

drop them there on the floor,

As my mind thinks of many pleasurable things

to do to you and more.

I love the way your sex appeal is making my mood just right,

I enjoy your sexy body dancing

casting a shadow under the candle light.

Please do not speed up

keep your slow and graceful pace,

this is a desirable seduction

not a distasteful race.

Now slip off your black panties trimmed in black lace,

while preparing your body for a wild, hot sexual chase,

Come over and let my actions speak louder than my words,

taking my big hand outlining and modeling your sexy curves.

Turn over so I can slowly lick you up and down your spine,

while giving you a pleasurable anxiety attack of the mind.

The touch of my seducing lips leaves you with curled up toes

and locked up knees,

while I am listening to your fantasies

thinking of the forbidden things I can do to please.

Let me feel the sensation from your mouth

up and down over my excited flesh,

while you are sucking me with so much passion

no break no rest.

Now I am getting you very aroused

licking the nipples on your breast,

I whisper would you like me to keep going?

Your reply BABY! BABY! YES!

Now take my hard key and slide it inside your desirable wet box,

patiently waiting and anticipating to see what mystery it will unlock.

Our bodies are moving in sexual, rhythmic motions,

leaving our well and bodies drunk off our emotions

The intense passion that we share is being a charm,

every intense stroke you are sinking your nails in my arm.

Deep penetration after penetration,

followed by the loudest groan

while our desires dominate our emotions

causing our minds to roam.

Now from your own sexual satisfaction

your emotions are feeling the rush,

as I put my finger over your soft sensual lips

quitely telling you to hush!

I am looking at your soft body

leaving a beautiful imprint in my sheet,

enjoying the sensation from your wet box giving off so much heat.

The scent of sex is so ripened in the air, so full,

while you scream out harder, your silky hair I pull.

Every seductive moan is leaving me with a sensation of thirst,

feeling your body shiver as a sign you are ready to burst.

Your deep breath and groans are telling me you are about to explode,

leaving both of our emotions intertwined, releasing our sexual load.

Now my bed is your altar and my sex is your throne,

take my and sexual obsession turn it into your own.
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