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04/02/2011 @ 12:22am

He often relished in the thought of being my personal savior.
the unmistakable god of my universe who controlled my mind and actions to
every extent known.
I was although the fighter that he had only imagined in his darkest
His brainwashing broke me down and savaged my insides, but although the
battle, he thought he had won, the war, he truly lost.

He made me hate myself, loathe my life, and slowly kill in my mind, anyone
who truly meant anything to me...
He wanted me to fall, yet on my knees i gained the recognition, that he had
only prayed i would never find.
He took the one thing that meant more than my pride, he took her...Perhaps
not by his own hands but he killed her slowly, tormenting her and breaking
her done to nothing, as he tried so desperately to do to me.
My mind perhaps he seized in his, unending tirade, but my soul, my essence
could not be defeated by his manipulation.
He owned my body, but never had a chance on the true allegiance of my
I was the wrong turn he made in his dictatorship...
I was his one true failure
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