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Brown Eyes
04/07/2011 @ 4:12am

(About a friend, for a friend)

I look in every girl I meet
That girl I used to see
Brown eyes, brown hair
You gave me a reason to care
I woke up feeling so alone
Realizing you're no longer in my life you're gone
I meet other girl's look for you in them
I usually put the relationship to an end
No one is you
I'm not me with anyone else but you
I thought you being clean you would see it too
I've stopped the drinking
You're off pills
Why can't we start over
This time it would be real
Give us a chance
I never stopped loving you
Please tell me you still feel something too
I feel like I'm mourning the dead
When you're still very much alive
I on the other hand feel like everyday a part of me dies
I listen to the sad songs
I think about the times we had
You didn't use to put me last
I can't stop thinking about our past
This guy you're with now he'll never take my place
We were great together
Please come back
I miss you so much
I'm sick of playing games and all the lies
I miss the girl with the brown eyes
There's no other word for it
But love
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