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Deficit Reduction or Social Destruction?
04/11/2011 @ 6:03pm

Your council house and the NHS
These are the things now in distress,
a supposed result of public excess
"The mess that Labour left us with" - that's when you know it's dire
As if the nation's finances are so poor, our collective credit card's about
to expire
But no money was flung into the fire
No resources diminished and the oil's not finished
So where did the money go?
It's a case of bank loans, CDOs and who owes what? Well, nobody knows.
But the recession was global, it was bankers doubling down, not Brown
But now, well, Cameron and Clegg can go to town.
The British state is eroded,
an ideological assault,
blame given to a debt on which we can't default.
The Lib Dems and deficit reduction
They're the veil for new found Tory destruction.
University becomes a means to end,
not the social good even Maggie would defend.
So to all those that attend, the state must lend ten thousands of pounds
A burden of debt that would beset every student; a constant lingering
Welfare, pensions, education
Public services face castration, for a problem that could be solved by fair
But the rich don't want to hear it, so politicians don't go near it,
Protect the income of those who could pay,
at the expense of those who don't have a say
That's the Tory way.
So it's our services that our cut
Our schools and hospitals that are shut
And the Eton boys know what's what?
They say we all mus bare a little strife, we're all in this together -
that's life!
Well I say cut the hand that holds the knife

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