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04/13/2011 @ 1:04pm

"Unearth" - James Coyt Powell 4/13/2011
Fading. To see the remnants of the man I used to be is almost death within
itself. Searching. Over and over in this endless night, where can I find
myself? The few moments of lucidity remind me of better days; I'm becoming a
monster again. The grade of the slope, I'm looking for an end. Doorways
leading, flowing in the sand. Time is irrelevant. A dreamer if I can.
Breaking the boundaries of where it all began. I'll give you hope and
certainty if you can only find my hand. Losing all I have to give with this
reckless sense of lay lines. Leaving everything behind seems like somewhat
of a luxury. Rip this universe apart. I'm blind on both sides, so can you
tell me what's become of this? Put the spotlight on us all. Someone tell me
what to do and just...breathe. Just breathe.

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