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I will not
04/23/2011 @ 5:13pm

i will not sit here and listen to all the bullshit and bickering because i
thought it before i spoke this shit into existence all the cussing and
fussing cheating conniving be brought up before i even felt i had to start
lying and covering up when shit was really fucked up

i will not sit here and listen to you sell me a dream about how much you
love me and how we'll be together forever but i will sit here and listen to
all the advice you have giving about me doing me by any means necessary if
that means saying fuck you then that's what i shall do

you can either refuse it or use take it or loose it but i will not sit here
and be abused and try to make you happy by sading myself

i will not sike myself out into believing you when you say That i am crazy
when you the one that needs the fucking help

but i will sit here and listen and play dumb as if your the only one that
read it analyzed it conclude it and summarized and took a piece of it and
used it to your daily life and.......
no all laws not just 48 50 wrote the 50th law I'm not on just on one I'm on

i will not sit here and be blame for everything wrong as if i am the bad guy
nor consider my self the innocent one either but i will admit to what i have
done never run from my fears or use my pass an excuse for the present

i will not lie to myself but be true to thy self how bout you try
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