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Your sick world of hate
05/09/2011 @ 10:35pm

crucify me until your blue in the face
justify the reasons your abuse takes place
lie to yourself to make your guilt feel lighter
blame it all on me, tie your noose a little tighter
tell me I'm the one, then spit in my face
tell me I'm nothing and that I'd easily be replaced
throw your poisonous words like darts until your backs against a wall
make yourself feel so big by using your words to make me feel so small
say your sorry because you have too but don't mean a word you say
say don't you dare fucking leave as I'm walking away
play with my broken heart with its many stitches and bruises, its battered
and shattered now merely useless

call me the words you can't seem to accept because you see them in you,
and are filled with regret

lie as you mutter I love you
both you and I know how untrue
scream out your hatred until your finally through

look at my tears and swear that they're lies because someone as perfect
as you could never bring someone to cry

lie when your in public put on your happy face
then take of your mask and see whats in its place

tell me I'm nothing, you wish I'd just die
as this cancer rages through me, so desperate to say your final goodbye

second guess my tainted life and tell me how you know yesterday has already
past but look at how today you have brought yesterday back

try to break me down, try to make me fall to my knees
but I'll never allow that
because its you, not I that am diseased

I may be weak, but my soul is strong
my heart may be broken but I'll sew it back on
I may not be perfect, but at least my heart is pure
I may not have everything but still I endure
And I may love you with your sick twisted ways
but I wont go on living in your sick world of hate
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