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Tearing Through The Black
05/23/2011 @ 12:23pm

Like a bullet
Scarring the flesh
Of the homeless

The soldier arises
To help his fallen friend
And gets punished

His punishment doesn't fit
What crime did he commit?
Nothing more than hospitality

Right now
Life is like that
Right now
Life is overreacting

Headaches and fevers
Caused by constant ringing
Right in your ears

Earaches and nosebleeds
Caused by screeching
Sounds of silence

A person's mouth
Can bring their health south
And tear them apart

The black
The light

Tears the bullet
Straight into his heart
Straight through my head
Headaches rising

Faces melting

Losing it
Shivers caused by overheating
Faints over nothing

Through the black
A bullet is shot
And through that bullet
Is someone's whole heart.
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