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tell me a lie
05/29/2011 @ 10:42pm

Tell me you love me
Tell me a lie
Tell me you need me
Its hard to deny

Grab my hand and pull me in
Its not how we are, but how we've been
The curtains open, its time to act
Broken and battered, smile intact

Its safe to say we made a mistake
All that's left are desperate measures to take
Whisper empty promises into my ear
We aren't going to make it, let's make that clear

Together we go, down in flames
Forget the truth, we're down to lies and games
Let's give it one last try for pity's sake
Ignoring our feelings and investing in fake

Tell me you love me
Tell me a lie
Tell you need me
Its hard to deny

Here comes the finale, listen for the applause
And just for effect let's take a pause
Take a bow dear we gave it our best
Destroy what we had and take the rest

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