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lifes inner struggles
06/11/2011 @ 6:03am

I sit here alone thinking of life,

looking on in the darkness, feeling the strife.

Unable to detect the darkness and Nuisance thatís reeling,

without a feeble probing at the opaque mesh that imprisons my feelings.

I question now and will always seek to find,

Why I canít find the feelings that I know are confined.

I know I must endure to some degree this perplexing pretence,

Without baring insult, damage, harm or worst sense.

Re-born with a unfathomable sense of simplicity & calmness,

I donít understand where is the hurt the comes with darkness.

There ought to be a touch even just a slight,

But no there is no shadow just this gold light.

I know you canít heed, so I will just verbalize.

Without the darkness I know not how to comprise.

So for that Iím remorseful and wish not to offend

Itís just what is............ Nothing more my friend

But Please don't try to find transcendence through my words,

As you will only find nothing of worth,
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