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A false Tale
06/11/2011 @ 6:04am

Do you know, You always Measure life,

Trying to capture the essence of Right.

But Know I seek not to control or lead astray,

But only to gain knowledge of that special day.

To understand and know the degree of right and wrong,

As not knowing can leave you hollow with no end to this song

My experience in these matters is far but still trivial

Never before have I found myself so lack less & fearful

You see I meet someone special but only for a short time

But no longer can I think without them entering my mind

I fear now i have lost all happiness

Equanimity, Love, joy, friendship and purity.

There heart and soul were untainted,

As beautiful as the sunrise that Monet Painted.

There Voice was calmness and comfort to hear

A beauty and kindness that was Sincere

I know it was only for such a short time

So why was that, where was the crime

Is it to late now for any second chance

Must i now settle for past romance

All I seek is some momentary peace

Maybe an answer to help with the release

Please don't try to find transcendence through my words,

As you will only find answer with nothing of worth!!
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